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Progressive Die Stamping

Using 5 head progressive dies and compound dies, Bishop Metal Stamping can fulfill your complex stamping requirements on our wide range of presses. We serve the marine, automotive, municipal disposal, and industrial air filtration industries, specializing in drag chains, garbage cans lid locks and truck mirrors.

Our in-house tool and die design and fabrication shop can consult with you to develop the ideal configuration for your stamping job. We have expertise in special stamping features like countersunk, cruciform, surface and shape critical, and threaded stamping, as well as embossing, enameling, and coating. Each stamped part can be up to 20” in length by 20” in width, with a maximum diameter of ...

Resistance Welding

Bishop Metal Stamping provides resistance welding services, specially aimed at the marine, automotive, and municipal disposal industries. We have equipment for both spot welding and stud welding, with the capability to weld base metals up to 1/2” thick. Materials we typically work with include aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and ferrous metals, but we’re by no means limited to those. Our custom capabilities allow us to select just the right material for your job.

Products that we weld include marine and boating hardware, air filters, drag chains for municipal waste centers, truck mirrors, garbage cans lid locks, and coining. We specialize in contract manufacturing, in quantities ranging from prototype to ...

Compound Die Stamping

Supported by our 250 ton press, Bishop Metal Stamping’s compound die stamping services are used to manufacture products like drag chains, air filters, garbage can lid locks, and coining, serving the marine, automotive and industrial air filtration industries, as well as the disposal sector for municipalities. We will manufacture in quantities from 100 to 100,000 units, including short run production, and also accept contract manufacturing business.

Our press runs compound stamping operations with up to a 14 in. press stroke and 42 in. x 30 in. beds, and produces parts with thickness from 0.005 in. to 7 gauges, within a tolerance of +/- 0.005 in. Options for our stamping features include flat, heat treated, surface critical, ...

Finishing Services

Once a stamping, welding, or forming job has been completed, Bishop Metal Stamping also offers a full range of finishing services to bring your piece to any surface and dimensional specifications required. Our wide variety of finishing services includes anodizing, powder coating, plating, deburring, assembly, fulfillment, and in-house heat treating, among many others. We can test coating thickness and weight, and furnish harness, humidity, and salt spray testing services as well. In addition, we offer laser marking and engraving of products, and provide assembly and fulfillment services to satisfy any logistical needs.

Finishing services can be applied to all products, across all industries: aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, ...

Sheet Metal Fabrication

With a 1-axis, 100 ton press brake with a 10 ft. bed, Bishop Metal can provide sheet metal fabrication and forming services for a wide range of applications and industries: agricultural, ornamental, HVAC, or architectural. We can handle metal fabrication of pieces from 24 gauge up to 10 gauge thick, and manufacture pieces for use as products like doors, drawers, subsystem enclosures, and steel panels. Other applications of our sheet metal include brackets, building products and fixtures, bus assemblies, and POP display fixtures. We work with any requirements, whether for industrial, retail, or residential end use.

Our full service facility allows for rapid prototyping, and we also offer design and consulting services, finite ...

Tool & Die Design and Manufacturing

In support of our stamping operations, Bishop Metal Stamping provides tool and die design and manufacturing services for tooling for our presses up to 250 tons. Tooling can be fabricated up to 18 in. x 30 in. x 10 in., to tolerances of 0.001 in. Some of the die types that we manufacture include coining dies, blanking dies, swaging dies, and single hit, progressive, and transfer stamping dies. If tooling is required, we can produce checking, welding, assembly and inspection fixtures, as well as automation equipment.

Our tools and dies are typically used in stamping and production of drawn shells, pans, tubes, channels, and more. We offer a full line of services includes 2-D and 3-D CAD modeling, design and testing, prototyping, ...
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